Stowaway Dog Search

Stowaway Dog Search

Prudence Marine Services delivers tailored solutions based on client requirements and regional expertise.

We are a leading supplier of Stowaways dog search for vessels calling the port of Mombasa.

Our team has over 5 years of experience in providing shore based security for vessels ensuring stowaways free sailing from Mombasa port.

PMS team members have been actively involved in port-ships security, ensuring that your ships are safe while in Mombasa port.

We liaise with relevant authorities in Kenya and work hand in hand with the Kenya police in delivering effective stowaways dog search, whether alongside or at inner anchorage.

Our stowaway dog search team comprises of well-trained canines (trained police dogs) and 4 police officers.

Search should commence immediately after cargo operations and all contractors disembarked and with assistance from 2 vessel crew in accessing all areas prone to stowaways’ hiding for thorough and effective search.

Our Search Dogs

Search dogs are beneficial to the search team and assist the team with the detection of stowaways.

They are specifically trained to alert the team to the presence of any person not just a stowaway, the team will determine if the person is authorized to be there. We make use of dogs that have the eagerness and ability to detect people.

Our Clientele

Some of our clientele includes leading shipping agencies in Kenya, including; –


Do you require Sniffer dogs to flush out Stowaways prior to departure from
Mombasa to the next port?

We are a leading provider of Well trained and reliable Stowaways search dogs and we work hand in hand with local police, ensuring your vessel SAILS STOWAWAY FREE.